Our "Fit"losophy

Fitness is for everybody! At B2K, we welcome all who wish to do fitness with us. We base our workouts on full body training that is challenging, and most importantly, accessible and sustainable!

We believe the best workouts are fun! They build you up and leave space for you to recover and come back to fitness feeling refreshed and excited to endeavor again. As such, we aim to make our classes filled with some laughs, and approachable to all; because while fitness is for everybody, every body will have a unique relationship to movement.

We take time to teach techniques in a variety of skills at a pace that allows each individual to learn and develop. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who takes our classes finds confidence in their workouts. We wish to empower all who work with us to pursue understanding of how their body moves, and suss out those elements of movement that help them feel strongest. From a place of learning and exploration, we foster growth and progress. 

Overall, our goal is to help cultivate a positive relationship with movement for all who join our classes. We hope you will put your trust in us to coach and lead in your journey of fitness!

<3 Your B2K Coaches