What to Expect in Classes

1) Class Format

Strength Endurance

  • Margarita analogy aside, our Strength Endurance classes come in five parts:
    1. Warm Up and Movement Prep: generalized and specific warm up
    2. Power + Core Development: prime your pillar and your power!
    3. Main Lift Superset: 10-12 minutes to work at your own pace between your main lift and an accessory drill
    4. MetCon Circuit: more dynamic accessory drills defined by time intervals
    5. Tabata Finisher: a quick HIIT finisher with mostly bodyweight movements


  • Friend analogy aside, our Kettlebells classes come in five parts as well:

    1. Warm Up: generalized movement to get you grooving
    2. Teaching Segment: detailed focus on technique related to specific movements with KBs
    3. Main Lift: 10-12 minutes to work at your own pace on strength based movements
    4. Timed Circuit: interval work to get your heart rate up
    5. Finisher: Top off class with one more chance to get your heart rate up and work on KB specific moves!

2) Equipment:

No Kettlebells or Barbells? No problem!

  • Our Strength Endurance Class is designed to be amenable to bodyweight movement and whatever equipment you own. Dumbbells work great, soup cans work great, resistance bands are excellent, and backpacks filled with books are awesome for compound movements like squats and deadlifts!

  • Even if you have just one bell of a certain size, we'll show you how to effectively use that weight for different drills!

3) Movements

Got an injury or limitation? We're here to help!

  • You can reach out to your coach ahead of class or type in the Zoom chat a consideration for them to keep in mind when coaching you! As three coaches who have worked in a virtual setting for a year now, we've learned a lot about how to modify AND are always down to learn about what works for you!
  • Most movements that we include in our programming will be demonstrated with multiple variations. Choose the one that feels strongest for you on a given day!


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4) Space 

Got a downstairs neighbor or a tight space? Same!

  • No one needs an upstairs neighbor who is noisy, so we always provide alternative ways of keeping movements low impact in consideration of those who share your floors.
  • There are lots of ways to maximize your workout in tight spaces - we've done it all year, and are happy to help you adjust according to your setting! Just make sure to turn your camera on so we can see what you have to work with, and we can make suggestions that have worked well in the past
  • **We will run some of these classes outdoors just as soon as it is safe to do so. Plus we have some gear we can bring, so you'll have that equipment to choose from as well :) **