Commune Through Movement

B2K Classes at Rx Strength AND InnerCity Weightlifting are now live!

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Strength Endurance classes at Rx and at ICW are the same format with more equipment!

Here are the in-person class offerings:

  • Mondays at Rx @ 7am with Emily!
  • Wednesdays at Rx @ 7am with Ted!
  • Thursdays at InnerCity Weightlifting @5pm with Emily!
  • Saturdays at 10:30am with Sarah!

Rx Address: 50 Tufts Street Somerville, MA 02145

ICW Address will be sent to you when you sign up for class!

Book Classes!

Select "Book Class" in the schedule below

  • You will be prompted to "Buy credits"
  • Create an account and select desired class package
  • Enter payment info, and wooty wooty you are so. in.
  • For Virtual classes, a Zoom link will be sent to your email 1hr before class!
  • NEW CANCELLATION POLICY: we will cancel any virtual class 20 minutes ahead of time if no one has signed up. We will cancel in-person classes within an hour of class starting if there are no sign-ups... so, SIGN UP, and we won't have to cancel :)
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Sliding Scale Pricing

 We recognize that the pandemic has left many folks in a position of financial insecurity. We also recognize that offerings in the fitness industry are rarely cheap. Because of these factors, we would like to offer folks a sliding scale price structure. If you know you will be attending multiple classes, you can drive that cost down by purchasing packs!

A loose guide:

Consider paying less if you are facing job insecurity or have significant expenses due to your current life circumstances. Consider paying more if you have money leftover in your budget each month for extracurriculars!

For our Virtual Classes, we are using the following sliding scale:

  • Single Class Scale: $9.99 -- $16.99 -- $24.99
  • 5-Class Pack Scale: $44.99 -- $79.99 -- $119.99
  • 10-Class Pack Scale: $84.99 -- $149.99 -- $229.99

For our classes at Rx Strength and the Armory in Somerville, we are using the sliding scale below:

  • Single Class Scale: $16.99 -- $24.99 -- $29.99
  • 5-Class Pack Scale: $79.99 -- $119.99 -- $134.99
  • 10-Class Pack Scale: $149.99 -- $229.99 -- $259.99

About our Classes

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Like a well balanced Margarita, our Strength Endurance class starts off smooth, with a focus on strength and technique, giving class goers the opportunity to refine movements and lift some heavier stuff! And like any good marg, there's a little kick at the end! In this case, that kick comes with a HIIT style approach to getting the heart rate up and finishing the class on a high that will have you ready to order another round! 

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Kettlebells are like that really cool person you want to be friends with, but you just need to find the right way to start the conversation. Our KB class will help you get to know the kettlebell and understand how to befriend its ways. We will have technique tips to serve as ice breakers for you and your kettlebell, strength building to help build a solid foundation, and lots of fun with complexes + combo moves that keep even the oldest kettlebell friendships energized and going strong!

Your Coaches

Sarah Polacco

Sarah has been a strength coach for 7 years and has coached hundreds of individuals to be their strongest self! Sarah sees fitness as a collaborative experience and loves working with people to find the style of movement practice that works best for them!

Sarah has trained extensively with kettlebells and barbells, and she is currently working on her Masters degree in Psychology at the Harvard Extension school. She hopes to continue facilitating conversations about mental health in the fitness world for years to come!

Ted Andrews

Ted is a lifelong worker-outer and a big time fan of helping people succeed at their goals. He believes fitness should be fun, deliver a few laughs, and meet each person at their own level. More than anything, Ted believes fitness should empower each person to feel strong in their own body!

Ted also recently got accepted into the Boston University Masters program for Sports Psychology. Three cheers for Ted!

Emily Beinecke

Emily is a former collegiate athlete and collegiate coach turned strength coach in 2016. Since her transition into the strength world, she has developed a desire to work with folks of all abilities and skill sets. Emily believes that fitness should be accessible to everybody and hopes to continue to empower folks through collaborative strength training paradigms.

In the Spring, you can find Emily competing with the Boston Renegades as a wide receiver. If you see her, throw a chest bump her way!

...And friends!


Ariel Wahl

Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Ariel is a super rad friend who teaches yoga and pilates classes throughout the week. These classes have been *strategically placed* so that they do not overlap with the B2K schedule. SO, you have no excuse not to check out her vinyasa and pilates flows! Find her at:


Haley Harrison

Physical Therapist

Haley is a superb friend and physical therapist who has a passion for helping people rehabilitate and prevent injury. Currently she is offering in-person and telemedicine options for your recovery. Click the link below for more info!


Izzie Ryan

Strength Coach and Sound Healing Specialist

Izzie is a fab friend and NASM certified personal trainer. She is currently offering individual Personal Training sessions as well as Sound Healing Sessions with crystal singing bowls.When played, the singing bowl's notes work to create complete balance and healing within the body, and to release any energy blockages within the Chakra Centers. Both offerings are being offered in a virtual format, and more information can be found online on Izzie's website and on her instagram! 


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